Sunday, June 13, 2010

When True Blood Gets in the Way

We hiked Lily this morning to tucker her out for the day. Having a dog is all about management. Good owners know the old adage to be true - a good dog is a tired dog. They don't wear themselves out either. A yard doesn't exercise your dog. I may have been good at entertaining myself growing up by writing stories, but I certainly didn't run around the neighborhood by myself. I needed my brothers or friends. I wouldn't lace up those rollerskates and skate to those great Air Supply hits alone. Actually, I wouldn't do that with my brothers either. They would have been dead before being caught listening to Air Supply with their sister. Dogs are just like kids - leave them to their own devices and they're going to entertain themselves with whatever they have available whether it's your shoes or your new roses in the garden. Giving up a few hours to hike is not only good for us, our dog, our sanity, but it's good for our shoes and our garden. She sacked out and I did the last of the cleaning before running errands. I had a schedule to stick to today in anticipation of tonight.

I was counting down the hours until True Blood. It did not disappoint, hooker (Lafayette reference there). Tell me how I can go months without a new episode of this show and somehow survive, but the next week now feels slow and torturous and I'm not sure that I can make it through? I don't want to wait until next Sunday night. It seems soooooooo far away. I'm suddenly that young girl with her rollerskates on pouting because no one will come skate with me. I have to admit to getting into True Blood late (like after the first season came out DVD late) and I loved being able to watch episode after episode without stopping. I had to take a train to San Diego for the weekend and I downloaded a few episodes to pass the time. I sat next to the bathroom because I have a small bladder (this seems like TMI, but I'm going somewhere with this so hang in there). Have you seen the first episode? Well, that lovely seen with Jason and Maudette and the crazy vampire? Yeah, that startled also startled the two marines waiting in line for the bathroom that were watching over my shoulder. I didn't know they were there until I hit 'pause' in a complete panic and heard a voice say, "Aw, don't stop now!" I was beet red. And I blurted out..."It'snotporn." Awesome. I was concerned that complete strangers would think I was watching porn on my iPod on the train. I was in such a state of panic that I couldn't even remember the title of the show to tell the guys. Not that I could talk after my blurt out anyways. Too embarrassed. I didn't turn it back on until they were gone despite their protests. By the end of Strange Love, I was hooked (and not because of the sex scenes). I bought the first season on DVD as soon as I got off the train. Then I made my poor mother watch every episode with me in a 24 hour period. That Jason and Maudette and crazy vampire scene? "Oh, that's just lovely Jennifer." If you have watched the first season, you can imagine how many times I heard that in a 24 hour period. My mother usually enjoys my visits. I think that one might have been one of her least favorites.

With what little is left of my night, I'm off to write. Lily is snoring on the couch next to me. I've got Sia singing softly through my earphones. Time to head deep into the forest. Well, not too deep. Tonight we're starting in the cabin instead. We'll see if we make it into the woods. Happy writing, everyone! Hope you have a GREAT week!

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  1. My dog is a part of my post today as well. I've never watched True Blood. I've thought about getting into it but I have so many shows I watch already I'm almost afraid to try it. I'm afraid I'll like it too much and then have to have ANOTHER show. Oh sigh.

    That story about those guys watching you watch the first episode on your Ipod is priceless. Definitely made me smile.