Friday, June 4, 2010

Video Friday

Here is my latest entry for the fun video contest that Jen is having over at unedited! This week it was Edward vs. Jacob. I had a little fun playing around with "monster myths". Hope you enjoy.

Be sure to check out the other contestants videos as well!

Jessica - The Alliterative Allomorph
Candace - The Misadventures in Candyland
Sarah - T.J. Carson's Writing Endeavors
Katie - Creepy Query Girl
Shannon - Shannon McMahon
Rachel - Open a Window
Susan - Susan Fields
Clara - Pinches of Madness
Angela - Slushpile Slut


  1. This was great! Too funny - I like how you used dogs (it does put a different spin on Edward feeding on animals, doesn't it?)

    I just read your profile - I'm so impressed that you run a non-profit and educate children about animals! What a wonderful thing to do! We've had several rescued cats and dogs over the years, right now we have a little orange kitty named Peanut and a Golden Retriever named Piper who was found as a stray and the people who found her couldn't locate her owners, so we ended up with her. She was a handful at first, for sure, but she's calmed down considerably since then (thank goodness!)

  2. Very cool! I love how you used dogs instead of people. I about fell off my chair when she realized that Edward might eat her!!! Funny stuff.