Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuning Out the World

I had a very productive morning. By now, you all know my cherished routine. Windows are open, breeze carrying the candle scent through the rooms, music is on. Lily may love the routine more than I do. She's not quite as productive, as you can see. She does love to sun herself, but lately she's been drawn to the music. When I put it on, she scratches at the door to be let in, hops up on the couch and drifts off to sleep. She makes me laugh! Especially when she starts to snore. She's quite loud.

But back to my productive morning...The hubster is off work today because he is on call this weekend. He took her out for a long hike this morning while I slept in. Then he dropped her off at home and went to meet his brother. I had the morning to myself and I spent it on one chapter. It was a chapter that needed work. I had to flush things out and it added to my story. I'm very pleased with it. Then my stomach growled to let me know it was time to eat so I'm pausing for leftover veggie chili (let me know if you want the recipe - it can be done with meat and it is the BEST chili I have ever made). The problem that I have is finding my way back to my story and my productivity after lunch. I have kept the music on and will relight the candle, but in the afternoons I hear the house calling to me - dust me, vacuum me, wash me. I'm not the kind of person who can dust the house, then settle back in with my story for a few hours, then vacuum the house, then settle back in with my story. I have to do all the cleaning or just stick with the writing, distracted as I may be with the house chattering in my ear like that annoying person on the plane who wants to tell you their whole life story even though you've cracked open a book to give her a hint that you aren't in the mood for being social with a stranger. It's four hours of listening to the house as it drones on and on. Lily, of course, will sleep through the whole thing. She might roll over onto her side but that's about all that it will effect her.

What I wouldn't give for a house elf today! Do you feel the tug of the real world when writing or are you able to tune all else out?


  1. Oh how I would adore a house-elf, my life would be a lot less hectic & stressful if home was always clean and my clothes were always done. Problem is that I would want the elves to always look top notch and you aren't allowed to give them clothes so I would hope that Dobby would be as kind to me as he is to Harry!

    I try to forget the weight of the world while I write... it's not always easy but the attempt is what counts.

  2. I'm always saying "If money were no object, I'd hire a house cleaner!" But then I do the work and find it a nice change from the sitting & writing and plus I get ideas when I vacuum and mop.