Thursday, June 10, 2010

Steaming the Floors and Polishing that Manuscript

I spent the afternoon cleaning the house. I love love love the smell of cleaning products. I love a clean house even more. There's something about walking barefoot on my hardwood floors after they've been steamed that just makes my heart sing. If I had little wings, I would flit around the house. Although, what would be the point of the washed floors? There is something so cathartic about scrubbing the place top to bottom, getting rid of the dust bunnies that are hiding way under the bed, in the back of the closet and under the couch, scrubbing the walls and floors until they sparkle like a vampire. While I was dusting, vacuuming and shining, I was thinking about my WIP (which is never far from my mind). I wish that I had been so enthusiastic about diving into the first round of clean up with it. Why? Because once I jumped in, it wasn't bad. You might look at the picture above (and the one below so you get the side view as well) and think I'm joking. I got through it in less than a week. Yes, I allowed my anal side to appear - the blue post-its are the new storyline, the maroon are character (spicing up my villian, strengthening other characters) and the green are plot. Very colorful. It's not clean and shiny, but it is on its way. Tonight I feel a bit of inspiration in my spotless house. I've lit a few candles, thrown open the windows for the cool breeze to carry the scent through the rooms and will be settling in to tackle those post-its. I'll be removing them and working them into the book like I worked the cleanser into the counters, making it shine!

How do you tackle your rewrites? Do you chunk them or dive right in and just plow through the entire work?


  1. First thought: it looks pretty and colourful! Second thought: from the side, considering how many hundreds of pages there must be, it doesn't look so bad. Third thought: you can totally do it!
    - Sophia.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Totally inspiring. I think color-coding helps everything. Once in college, I drew my notes for a Tests and Measurements class in crayon. The 77-year-old professor saw them and clucked his tongue, and then held them up for the class to see. I was so proud. ;)

    I'm absolutely fascinated on how you're going to change the storyline. This story you're weaving for us about creation and inspiration is riveting! I want more!!

  3. brilliant comment about sparkling like a vampire, it made me laugh. I also love taking away all the dust and just looking at a room after its all clean. I also would like to fly. Wow very random comment hah.

  4. Okay, that MS looks gorgeous. Yes, I realize it's full of need to do revisions and such but it really is pretty. But then I'm a sucker for bright colors.

    Hopefully you'll be as happy with your shinning revised MS as you are with your house. Good luck.

    PS> your mood setting sounds absolutely delightful - I'm joining you in spirit.

  5. Hey Jenn!
    I'm glad you got to work on that manuscript. I have a feeling you're just as organized (a.k.a. anal) as I am about novel writing. :P Have you checked out ywriter yet? I haven't gotten around to posting about it, but I definitely will soon.

  6. Nutschell, I just downloaded ywriter last night! At first glance, it reminds me of my sitcom writing days and the programs we used in the writer's room. Easy to navigate for scripts. I haven't had a chance to explore it yet, but am planning on doing so tonight! Super, super excited! I've read all the reviews and people really seem to love it. What font are you using? My current WIP is in Courier New. Ywriter doesn't give you that option for fonts. Are you using Arial or Verdana? I don't know which to use!

    Melissa - you are welcome to join me in spirit any time! It's so delightful that the dog asks to come in from the yard during the day when I light the candles, put on the soft music and throw open the windows! It's very relaxing for her!

    Ramona - thanks for visiting! I'm glad I made you laugh!

    Sophia and Jess - whatever would I do without you two? We started this journey together! It's so nice to have you both right there beside me, encouraging me.