Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Race to the Finish Line

THERE IT IS! I am so close that I can see it, looming large and bold. I gave myself a month to finish my rewrite. Tomorrow is my last day to accomplish that. Will I make it? I think I just might. If I do, it's going to look something like this.

By the skin of my teeth. I'm very lucky. When I went through it with pens and post-its, I took detailed notes on the changes that I wanted to make. Things are flowing very well. Life got in the way but several things are working to my advantage:
1) Those good, detailed notes.
2) I finished stronger than I started. There is less revising to be done in this last third.
3) I am a night owl, but I work well in the early mornings on coffee. I can take advantage of all hours.

I have until 5pm tomorrow night to finish the last 70 pages. It is flowing so well that I don't feel I am rushing things too much. If I felt that I was compromising the writing, I wouldn't do it at this pace. However, when I dive into that forest, the story comes racing up to me, grabs me by the hand and we're off! I only have until 5pm because I'm meeting Les Girlz for dinner and Eclipse! We're not dressing up (that will be reserved for Harry Potter), but we have so much fun seeing it together. I'll be too worn out from my night out by the time I return around midnight to get any further writing done and I'm educating on Thursday and Friday. That finish line is sooooooooo close. I'll at least be reaching out to touch it by the time I leave tomorrow evening. It's very exciting.

And then...print it out, read it through and rewrite some more!

How did everyone else do this month? Did you MIS - Make It Shine?

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  1. Oh, my stars, Jennie. Seriously? I am agog-and-aghast impressed and proud of you. Absolutely fantastic! It's June 30, and I wanted to be done with the rewrite along with you, but I'm far from the finish line. Very far.

    But I won't lament because, man, this is your time cheer! How great do you feel? To improve your story, to make it stronger? Did that new big bit you were adding flow as well as the rest?

    p.s. I'm smiling so broadly at the idea of your dressing up for Harry Potter. Will you? I think that is wonderful. ;) Enjoy your night with Les Girlz and the beautiful vampires. You SO DESERVE a night of celebration!