Friday, December 2, 2011

FUN Friday

TGIF! I was so happy to see the weekend roll in (unlike the 55mph winds that heralded its coming)

We lost a great man this week. Patrice O'Neal was an incredible comedian and a heckuva guy. Heaven just got funnier while earth lost some laughter.

I have been waiting for a campaign like this. I find it brilliant. If you are easily offended, don't watch. I heart Katherine Heigl for tackling the spay/neuter issue with humor. I'm embarrassed how many times I've watched this. I laugh just as hard every time.

Trying to take a family photo with the dogs can be this couple found out.

I can't tell you how many shots it took to get this.

I'm pretty sure that I've shared this one before. It's one of my favorites. I find it fascinating. It's like they're having an entire conversation. I love how the one twin laughs like his brother is cracking jokes. Amazing! And adorable.

I'm kicking off my weekend with Crit Group! No big plans really. Some furniture shopping, but it's doubtful I will decide on anything again this weekend. It's fun to shop, though.

What about you - any big plans this weekend?


  1. Crotch plums?! And oh my goodness, that baby's laugh is so freaking adorable.

    I might be going to dinner on a not-a-double-date thing, but apart from that there's a stack of books beside my bed that I need to wittle down, including debuts Across the Universe, Divergent and Wither. Probably I won't get through them *all* this weekend. Enjoy your Crit Group!

  2. Hahaha. She hates balls. lol.

    Everything was so funny.

    Loved your Christmas photo.

  3. Is that picture of you? Sorry, can't watch anything that says no to balls. (Although I do believing in fixing all pets.)

  4. My entire family watched that twin video thanks to you! :D It's SO amazing. I LOVE IT.

    And that photograph is lovely. You make a picture-perfect family.

    I'm planning to make up on a lot of reading since my library books are due. And packing up on that novel of mine.

  5. Aw, your Christmas card pic is so adorable! As are those twin boys. They look like they're having the best conversation. :)

  6. Loved that baby "conversation"! They apparently thought they were talking! What a crackup. ;o)

  7. Happy Friday! I starting watching that balls video but had to cut it off because my son was listening... but very funny what I watched so far!! Will sneak back later :)

  8. LOL... I love the ninja kicks!! Too funny!! Hope your weekend is awesome!

  9. Hey Jenn!
    hope you had a great weekend and got your shopping done. Always love your funny friday videos :) hope to see you soon!