Monday, December 5, 2011

Editing Fun

I'm not above rewrites. For real. I love them. Or like them. Depending on my mood. Mostly, though, I love them. It's a great excuse to pull out the post-its and markers and color code everything. I like the idea of building on and filling out. The foundation is laid, the beams are in, but we need walls and windows and doors. After that, I'll go back through and decorate with art work and furniture and family photos (got to have lots of those!).

But right now? I'm at the not fun part.

I spent the last week really buckling down. You should see all the post-its and mark ups. It's a thing of beauty! I'm done with the initial handwriting part so it's time to move onto the computer.

Here's where the downer's not my computer. My laptop crashed and I have been too cheap to replace it. Oh sure, I toyed with the idea of going to WalMart's Black Friday for that $198 laptop deal that they had. But ultimately I decided that being warm and uncrowded in my mother-in-laws living room was more important to me. Silly me. I truly regret that decision.

I am forced to work on the hubster's computer in his den. The chair is so uncomfortable. The lighting is awful. No fun. I went from the excitement of rewrites to the PAIN of rewrites. Literal, physical pain. But I'm plugging through them anyway.

By tomorrow, I bet I'll be online looking for a great deal on laptops. Or netbooks. Any recommendations? Pros and cons of each?

If you're looking for a laugh (even though it's Monday), pop on over to Michelle Hodkin's blog here. Best story ever. I laughed so hard. Her brother is amazing. It must run in the family. She writes her amazing stories on paper and he just lives his.


  1. Netbooks aren't very powerful - go for a laptop. I recommend PC, but depends on what you were using before. (If your software is MAC, go MAC.) I always go Dell as well. Good luck!

  2. Listen to Alex! Good luck with everything, edits and laptop shopping and then getting it all set up on a new computer.

  3. Good luck finding a laptop. You will find something that will fit your needs. And I'm glad you like rewrites. I, myself, am not a fan of them. To me, rewriting is a task, that's why I've been thinking about rewriting the same couple of stories for like a year now but have yet to work on them.

  4. Laptops are better . . . I chose the one that suited my typing abilities - in other words the keys felt right when I was writing - and somehow I ended up getting a fairly inexpensive one after the mail in rebate . . .but that was 3 years ago and it needs some work. My husband tells me I need to save everything, so he can take everything off and put it on the machine again - we're hoping this will keep this laptop running for a few more years. (it's been 3)

  5. I'm with Alex. I tried to make the switch to a Mac, but it didn't work out. I literally burn through laptops (overuse leads to fan breaking leads to overheating), and I cannot be buying a new Macbook every two or three years. Plus my Macbook Pro seemed to have more problems more quickly than any laptop I've owned. So yeah, I go with cheap and cheerful PCs.

    Love the idea of you being surrounded by colourful post-its as you revise. Good luck!

  6. Ha, that sounds awful! Having a good laptop is definitely important. I hope you find one soon!

  7. Nooo! Sorry to hear your laptop crashed. Hope you can replace it soon. And good luck plowing through the harder edits/rewrites! I suspect I'm about the run into the same thing as far as rewrites...