Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Writing Routine

I love my Saturday morning writing routine - dog walked and snoozing in the yard, Citrus Peel and Pine scented candle lit, R Carlos Nakai music playing softly on my laptop, windows open to allow the breeze to softly enter, cup of coffee next to me. Do you have a writing routine? Mine varies, but always includes pine scented candles of some sort to take me back to the forest where my story is taking place. I did have a very productive morning this week in a crowded teachers lounge where my story found me and I was compelled to write on the back of my teaching schedule. Some great stuff came out of that with no pine scented candles. Instead, it was the smell of greasy cafeteria food and the sound of teachers talking. I was able to tune that out, crawl into my story and just write. This morning, however, I am nestled into my normal routine. I decided to do some handwritten story work in my journal as a change of pace. I can take the journal into the yard with Lily, who is always up for a good snuggle on the blanket while I write until we both get overheated and have to retreat to the cool hardwood floors of the house. This morning, as I wandered down the hallway, I happened to look behind one of the pictures. There was a cubby hole that requires a key. It's the perfect place for my character to hide her journal from a sudden threat! As she opens the space, she gets an extra bonus! Locked inside is a tiny piece of paper with two simple words on it - the words that my character was so desperately trying to remember! So the threat that forced her to hide the journal for safekeeping has also in turn unlocked a secret. My story is calling so I had better answer back.

Happy Writing everyone!

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  1. What a lovely insight into your world! :) I wish I had a routine that involved scented candles. Generally, I write in the evening once Clara is in bed. When I try to write in the mornings, I barely dash a page out after chores but before she wakes from her nap. It feels so hectic, and sometimes I forget what I wrote! At night, I put on th headphones, blast a CD of fast-n-furious drums, and get to it.

    And Jennie, I wanted to wish you and your husband a belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I hope you two enjoyed your days together hiking. :)Did you get any good ideas for your woodland characters while you were out? I bet you were inspired by the nature around you.