Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things We Take For Granted

You probably expected this post to be about the usual things we take for granted - the abundance of food in the supermarkets available for us to buy, a roof over our heads, safe place to sleep, I'm talking about something as basic as a chair and being able to sit down. We participated in a sidewalk sale today to raise money for Paws and Learn (my nonprofit). Disney was beyond kind and donated hundreds of books for all age groups. Street fairs are fun for so many reasons. This particular community is extremely dog friendly and we were set up in front of a dog boutique. It made for a fun day between the kids and the dogs. I particularly enjoy helping the teens finds books that will interest them. I'm not the least bit embarrassed to admit that I read some of the same books that they do. I was surprised that we had a few adults who wanted suggestions as well! The bad thing about sidewalk sales is that, well, they are on the sidewalk. People need room to walk. This means you have room for the table. No chairs. From 9:30 this morning until 4pm this afternoon, I didn't sit down. The bathroom was a four block walk away so I limited myself to one trip (this is a record for me). I never realized that standing can be so tiring. I hike, I take kickboxing, I jog - I'm very active. But just standing? That required different muscles, apparently. I ached my way through the grocery store, a walk with Lily and a bath for her. Now I am blissfully settled into my chair with my cup of tea, my candle burning and that breeze that I love so much. It feels like a little piece of heaven. This may be the best cup of tea I have ever had. Maybe my writing tonight will reflect my newly found joy and the appreciation of a good chair. I can hardly wait to dive right in, even if I have to limp after my characters on these sore feet of mine!


  1. Try standing as a door person at Costco for an 8 hour shift! You will literally want to kill yourself before it's over. My worst job ever. I loved working at Costco but not that particular job! I'm with you-- I'd rather be walking than standing any day!

  2. Oh Karen, I can't even imagine! My worst job was as a production assistant right out of college. Not a lot of standing around, but a lot of walking and driving. Dangerous driving because it was done on very little sleep. Still, I'd rather do that again than stand all day and greet people. I couldn't be cheery for a full 8 hours on my feet! I wonder if the retired people that WalMart uses as greeters have to stand for 8 hours? I don't have a WalMart near me, but it seems when I'm visiting my mom and she pops in to the pharmacy, the greeters are always at least 70 years old. They aren't given chairs either! I vote for everyone to be given chairs from now on. No more standing. It's too hard on the body!