Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year


Welcome 2016!

I'm not big on resolutions. I set goals.

More outdoor time.
More writing time.
More reading time.
More blogging time.

Those are obtainable. I'd like to get more experimental in the kitchen this year. I prefer to cook our meals from scratch but when life gets hectic, I fall back on the old standbys. My goal is to try one NEW recipe a week. So if you have any good vegan dinners that make lots of leftovers, hit me up!

Since I vowed more outdoor time, it was fitting to hike today. We hit the PCT out by Vasquez Rocks. We did 8 miles. It wasn't a through hike so it's 4 out and 4 back, which is kind of a bummer for me. I like when we can hike it through a section and see new scenery the entire way. Also, it's SoCal which means a lot of desert hiking. I'm not someone who finds the desert particularly breathtaking like others. I'm a mountain girl! Through and through. But I did find these rocks pretty cool. The smooth surfaces, the varied levels - just fascinating to touch and hike among. And it's the PCT, which I intend to do in full in 2017 or 2018 so it always feels like an old friend when my feet hit the trail.

Ice on the small stream

Rocks jutting into the sky
They're just full of holes and different layers

I really wanted more from my first post back, but there it is. Baby steps. I have missed blogging so much. I can hardly wait to do another year of it - to reconnect with old friends and be a part of community again! It's a 2016 priority.

What about you - any goals for 2016? Or are you a resolution person?


  1. Hey Jennie!
    That looks like a cool hike to me. Mountains and desert are both nice to look at.

  2. It was pretty cool! We did an even cooler hike yesterday, but the camera died so I didn't get any pictures.

  3. Those are great goals Jennie. I always say resolution for my stuff, cause its the new year, but they really are just goals I want to hit. Some of my goals for this year, is utilize more of my health knowledge, read more, write more, and start getting more involved in the writing community again (though I still don't know how I want to do that, exactly). The getting more experimental in the kitchen is a good one. I miss trying new recipes. I'm so... in with my routine and what I eat and Ive noticed how bored I am by the weekly stuff (I do have a few once in a while treats I love) and it makes me less excited to eat. Which is a real shame because food is delicious!

    That looks like an absolutely beautiful hike!