Friday, January 8, 2016

FUN Friday

So, my hair is blue.

It's a thing I decided to do last year. I guess I got tired of being blonde.

Right after I had it done, I found out that blue hair is a 'thing.' Oops. If I had known, I would have gone with a different color.

Why don't you change it?

Because it won't come out. For reals. It will fade into a Mermaid color.

But that's as light as it goes. No matter how long I wait it out.

My last day of teaching before the Winter Break, I was leaving the Kinder Bldg and heading out to another classroom in the back to teach 3rd Grade City Wildlife. And I had a shadow. She tiptoed behind me, hiding when I would turn around. When I reached my classroom, I turned around and said, "I know you're there. Come out."

This little Kinder girl tiptoes out with her eyes wide.

Me: Why are you following me?

Her: *whispers* Are you a mermaid?

Me: I am. But you can't tell anyone or I will lose my powers.

Her: I knew it!

As she ran back across the playground, she shouted over her shoulder: I'll never, ever tell!

So adorable. I only felt a little bad about the lie. I can't help it. Childhood is so short. Soon enough, life will come along and take all the magic away. It's good to believe in Mermaids and Fairies and Elves for as long as you can.

How about some funnies?

Guns are such a hot button topic but only for certain people. I thought Jim Jeffries had a humorous take on the issue. And his American accent alone is worth the watch.

This may be funny to me because I live among wildlife.

I love Honest Trailers. (If you haven't checked out Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead, check those out as well)
No big plans here this weekend. Lots of reading and resting. We're recovering from a wicked stomach bug. What about you - any big weekend plans? 

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  1. I love you validated that little girls belief in mermaids. Childhood is way too short and being able to hold onto those moments and those beliefs as long as possible is going to totally help shape her in to an awesome grownup.

    Both those stand ups were awesome. Thanks for the laughs! And oh god, honest trailers are the BEST.