Friday, November 18, 2011

FUN Friday

TGIF! Hope you had a fabulous week - and if you didn't, I hope you have the weekend off to recoup!

If you love The Walking Dead and The Soup like I do, this is the perfect marriage!

What is cuter than little kid's evil laughter?

And let's end with this...I can't even tell you how many times I have watched it. Why does it have to be so far away??


So many this week, it's hard to know where to start.

Very lively 5th Graders this week. I felt like a celebrity as I was escorted out of the school by 13 of them from my last class. They were shouting questions at me. It was hilarious - especially the one child who had appointed himself my "security". He kept putting his arms out to give me space and telling his classmates "one at a time, one at a time." When he left me in the office, he said, "Man, I felt like I was guarding the President." Too cute!

I had a ten year old ask me for my Facebook page so she could friend me.

David: I know Chihuahuas have to be spayed because they shouldn't be having the babies. They're too small and can die.
Blanca: What? Unh-Uh.
Me: Yes, he's right. They can require c-sections and don't get them because their owners don't know. They can die in labor.
David: What's up, Blanca? That's right, I know stuff! Don't be doubting my knowledge.

Teaching 2nd Grade Kindness, we were talking about why you can't give your dogs cooked bone to eat.
Very Concerned Little Girl: Miss Jennifer, I need to use your cell phone!
Me: Um, why?
Girl: I have to call my dad and tell him. He was grilling chickens today and he'll give the dogs the bone!
Me: He's grilling them right now?
Girl: No, when he gets off work.
Me: So you can tell him as soon as you get home.
Boy: Why is your dad so mean?
Me: He isn't mean. He's doing it because he loves his dogs.
Girl: He loves the dogs so much, it's ridiculous.
Me: Does your mom say that?
Girl: Yeah, she yelled that at him last night when they got in a fight.

I'm still laughing just typing that.

I'll be NaNoing, though I'm behind on my word count. I have two hikes planned and even a little Christmas shopping. Though, honestly, we just bought a new TV and I'd really like to spend the weekend on the couch watching HD movies and television on that big screen!

What about you - any big weekend plans?


  1. Oh my gosh, you meet the awesomest kids! Love David's 'don't be doubting my knowledge' line. No huge weekend plans, going out with friends tonight, might watch football on Sunday (haven't in three weeks!), probably squeeze in some reading and brainstorming/outlining. Enjoy your hikes, NaNoing and possible Christmas shopping!

  2. I'm so going to be using the "Don't be doubting my knowledge" line--that's too cute! You sound like you have the best job ever. :) Have fun with the new TV!

  3. I've never been accused of being too nice to the dog! Wonder if the parents realize their daughter overheard that?

  4. Ha, that girl laughing is awesome!! And the Hunger Games trailer gives me chills!

  5. Oh my goodness, I want a tiny security guard too. Now!

  6. Why are my comments not posting? :( I left one here on Saturday. Blogger hates me!

    Favorite line: "What's up, Blanca? Don't be doubting my knowledge." HAHAHAHA. So priceless. Kids are beyond cool.

  7. You're lucky to be in contact with so many kids. They're great inspiration!