Friday, November 11, 2011

FUN Friday


Let's start this Friday off with some laughs!

This is so hilarious and so sick at the same time. Jimmy Kimmel issued a challenge - tell your kids you ate ALL their Halloween candy and record their reaction. The last two kids are my favorite.

And while we're on Jimmy Kimmel clips, I don't know how I missed this one. Ron Artest is my new hero - not just because he makes it through this with his sense of humor still intact but because of what is mentioned at the very beginning of the clip (how much he raised and who he raised it for).

This likely won't be funny to anyone who isn't an NFL fan who hates the Raiders. It had me cracking up.

And because I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for a week...

I want you all to have it in yours too.

Sing it with me...
Soft Kitty
Warm Kitty
Little Ball of Fur

Happy Kitty
Sleepy Kitty
Purr purr purrrr

This is our first presentation board for Dog Bite Prevention. We use the big dog as our "safe" dog to teach the kids that size and breed don't matter. We need to see a leash, a collar and a GROWN UP owner before we can go up to the dog. If they are missing any of those things, we don't go up to them. (We also teach them that they can't go running right up to the dog. They have to ask the owner first, then say hello to the dog before petting).

So in one of my Kinder classes this week, this was the exchange:

Little Girl: Is that YOUR dog?
Me: Yes, that's my dog.
Little Girl: Is it a boy or a girl?
Me: It's a girl.
Little Girl: What's her name?
Me: Lily.
Little Girl: Oh. And is that your (sing songy little voice) boooooyfriend?
Me: No. That's my (sing songy voice) huuuuusband.

She looked really disappointed that we were married.

My brother had to say goodbye to their family dog Corkey this week. Corkey has been VERY patient with my five-year-old nephew. Very. Patient. She was already 11 when Dillon came along. She put up with lots of poking, pulling, grabbing, fast moving unsteady on the feet toddlerness. She nipped him a few times, but she was well within her rights and to my brother's credit, he never blamed the dog because it wasn't her fault. To my nephew's credit, this was still his dog and he loved her very much. Since he is only five, having Dillon in the room when Corkey left them was not an option. They elected to do it during the day while he was at school. (I promise this will get funny again in a second)

Saying goodbye to the family pet is always hard and heart breaking. Explaining it to a young child doesn't always work. We tried to go with the "Corkey went to Heaven" though I'm not sure why when they don't go to Church?? But that was the start of it. My brother tried really hard but made a complete mess of things.

Drew: God came down and took Corkey.
Dillon: No, He didn't. I didn't see Him.

Makes sense to me - Dillon didn't see God, so He couldn't have been there.

Drew: He did. He took Corkey and she's not in pain anymore. She's in Heaven.
Dillon: Dogs don't go there.
Drew: They don't?
Dillon: Nope.
Drew: Where do they go?
Dillon: Down there. (he points at the carpet)
Drew: Wait - what? No. No, they don't.
Dillon: Uh hunh. They go down there.
Drew: No. They go UP there.
Dillon: Down.
Drew: UP.
Dillon: DOWN!
Me: Dillon, don't you remember the movie - All Dogs Go to Heaven. (He nods his head) It's like that.
Dillon: Oooooooooh.

Then he runs off to play.

Drew: (to me) That was a good save there, Jenn. Whew. I was losing it.

Dillon did come out a few times that evening with "Corkey" sightings. I told my brother it would really be trippy if he was seeing her.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Any big plans??

Soft kitty...(go on, sing it! You know you want to!!)


  1. 'Whaat? What the heck? Are you serious? You sneaky mom!' Oh my gosh, those two. Can I please have kids just like them? I'll feed them every day and take them for walks, promise!

  2. That pic of Lily is so cute. I want a dog like her. That will be my next dog.

    Sorry that your brother's dog passed, altough it seems like the child is handling it pretty well. I'm glad to hear that.

  3. Oh my goodness! "You sneaky Mommy!" Those kids are too adorable! So sorry your brother lost his dog. Love your nephew's argument, though!

  4. Jimmy Kimmel is awesome. And I'm a big fan of The Big Bang Theory.

  5. LOVE Sheldon. LOVE him. I think he has the right idea--just know who you are, and then force everyone to behave in ways that make you comfortable. :) I get my brother-in-law Sheldon T-shirts for his birthday. Two years ago it was the evolution-to-robots one. This year, it was "The Westley Crushers." :)

    No weekend plans beyond NaNoing. Are you going to post about your NaNo amazingness? You should! You are just killing!