Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Wishes

This is Wednesday leaning out of her cat tree. She may look like just your average gray tabby cat, but she has many skills. Most of these skills, she uses for The Good. Okay, 'most' might be a slight exaggeration. Wednesday is a good little kitty, though, at heart. She loves her family, loves her sisters, loves annoying those sisters and she also loves to grant wishes. Every Wednesday morning, I will rub the side of the cat house and summon our magic cat!

My Wednesday Wishes for the week:

1) Anniversary Trip - Our five year anniversary is coming up next April. I really want to go somewhere special for a week. International. Like Prague. Or New Zealand. I just can't decide whether I want a week in New Zealand or a week traveling through Switzerland, Austria, and ending in Prague. Oh, and once I decide, I don't even know how to start to planning. But I want to start now. I'm a list girl. I'm a plotter. I like itineraries. And I like them far in advance. Also, I need to do this without the hubster knowing about it because I want it to be a surprise. I'd really like to wake up tomorrow and just have the whole itinerary be under my pillow - really is that too much to ask? Oooooh, but Whistler! That would be a nice trip. No, I'm going to shut my brain off or I'll end up with way too many choices. So, itinerary under the pillow tomorrow morning. With a donut. No, pillow donuts are gross. Just the itinerary, please. With some relaxing time in there as well. I don't want it to be go, go, go, GOOOOO. I'd like some sleeping in.

2) Pantry - I spent half a day organizing the pantry. It's a DREAM. Every can and box is in a specific place. It is organized alphabetically (don't judge me!). I can't tell you how much fun it was to cook the past few nights because I knew where EVERYTHING was. It was beyond awesome. Well beyond. There isn't a word in the English language to describe it. My wish is that it STAYS this way. I have warned the hubster that he better not mess up the system. I'm hoping he takes me seriously. If he doesn't, I think I'll make him cook dinner from scratch and I'll find a recipe using a ton of ingredients that he will have to dig through the mess he will have created to find. Or is that too harsh? Here's to hoping Wednesday can give me my wish and keep it that way!

3) Magic Pillow - The itinerary comment above gave me an idea! How cool would a magic pillow be? Anything you dreamed would be under it in the morning! Sure, a dragon might put a crick in your neck...and that dashing knight might make for an awkward wake-up with the hubster...okay, within reason. Let's say a magic pillow within reason. Dream about your best seller - and there it is! Dream about money - there it is! Whatever is on your mind, that pillow can deliver. AND it gives you the best night sleep ever, corrects your alignment (neck and spine!), cures headaches and hangovers (for the drinkers). Oooh, it's sounding better all the time! PLUS, perfectly coiffed hair every time whether you just lay down for a nap or the entire night.

What about you - what are your wishes for Wednesday our magical cat?

P.S. - I knew I was forgetting something! Angela Felsted is having a really cool contest! Click here for details. She has a poetry book coming out in January. You have to check out the video she put together. It's wonderful!


  1. 'No, pillow donuts are gross.' Ha! I wish for a kick-ass idea for NaNoWriMo, to sell the stuff occupying two shelves on my bookcase, and my cat to get better. Is it sad that I was excited for you that your pantry is organised and alphabetised?

  2. Oooh, Prague! I've always wanted to go there. I vote that one. :) The magic pillow idea is just awesome--I want that!

  3. Your 5-year anniversary is coming up? You MUST go somewhere fabulous. Deciding between New Zealand and Europe is tough. I've always wanted to go to Italy myself...

    I was just in Whistler at the end of August. It's fun, but more of a weekend thing. I think you should think BIGGER. :)

    My Wednesday wish? To lose 2 lbs this week. I've totally hit a plateau.

  4. My wife tries to organize our pantry. Think I'm the one who messes it up again.
    My wish - that I had enough time to visit everyone's post today!

  5. omg! Magic pillow, please! :D Nope, I missed Weds again... sigh. But I'd love to visit New Zealand, too... or heck, even Australia! Scratch the kitty for her and convince her it's Weds. I have some wishes~ <3