Friday, October 7, 2011

FUN Friday

TGIF! Let's have some fun!

This is one of my all time favorite commericals

Even better? I discovered this little gem - The Making Of. More adorableness.

Not everyone likes Louis CK. I love him.

And you know I have to share at least one adorable animal video with you


In 2nd Grade Kindness, a little boy drew the milk carton and we were going over whether or not milk is kind for cats. When I said, "Cow's milk is really bad for a cat's tummy," he got all excited and shouted,

"And cat's milk is really, really bad for our tummies!"

But my favorite was a 1st grader who had wanted to tell me about his dog the entire presentation...when he finally got the chance at the end of the presentation, this is what transpired:
Michael: Miss Jennifer, did you know that I have a dog named Oliver?
Me: No, I didn't.
Michael: I do. And we got him at the animal shelter. I love him very much because he eats really, really fast and he likes to chase me when I have a Pop Tart.

I love the randomness that is young children!

I'm spending the day tomorrow cleaning in preparation for Game Night tomorrow night! And Sunday, of course, is all about the football.

What about you - any big plans this weekend?


  1. I love the logic of I love him because he eats fast. I can do that too, where's my love? That Volkswagen-Vader ad is still the cutest. Game night sounds awesome, I wish I had that to look forward to! I'm going out with a friend tonight and then watching football on Sunday with (hopefully) some reading in between. Have a good weekend, Jennie B.!

  2. I love these. Thanks for sharing! I too have a dog that eats really fast and would chase anyone with a Pop Tart. :)

    I have a lot of cleaning planned for the weekend. Not sure how much will actually get done though. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. That first VW commercial is my favorite as well! I make my wife watch it every time I see it.

  4. That big dog/tiny dog video was the cutest!

    I love how kids' minds work. They never sugarcoat or hesitate - they always say exactly what they're thinking. :)

  5. Hello! This is so cute! And I'm loving Sophia's comment, and I totally echo it: I can eat fast, too. So where's the love? :)

    Jennie, I'm so glad to be back in the mix. I can't wait to learn about what you're working on. Have you been querying? Writing a new something? NaNoing at all next month?

    (Can I write an aside here? How many rules am I breaking to treat this like an email?)Have you read Paranormalcy yet? Kiersten's touring this fall too, I see. She'll be in Chicago this Sunday (on my birthday!). Would it be horrible if I skipped the family hayride and escaped south again? Aw, man . . . How many days before you see Laini?

    (So great to comment again. It was a cookie issue. Isn't it ALWAYS a cookie issue, one way or another? Future comments will demonstrate greater self-control, I promise.):)

  6. Hahaha, thanks so much for the laughs. I especially love the Darth ones! ;o)