Friday, October 14, 2011


How groovy were our drill team outfits? I love the superhero belts. You should have seen the hats. Maybe next time.

High school poetry - was there anything like it? My friend Jes shared a piece of one of her poems, though recently written on her blog this week and inspired me to dig some of mine out.

Blanketed by gray
the tree stands proud,
branches jut out
like a defiant chin.
white as doves,
challenge the gloomy atmosphere.
This creation watches
while clouds kidnap the sun,
and hungrily devour the blue.
It drinks in drops
of rain
like dry, cracked ground
in a desert.
The tree
dances with the wind
gyrating left then right,
politely bowing to its partner
when the day escapes.

I actually won the senior poetry competition with that one. I wrote it on a Saturday morning in an overcrowded English Comp room under the watchful eyes of my two favorite teachers.

And just because it's fun, I'm going to share a few childhood photos with you. I come by creativity honestly - though my Mom's takes an entirely different form. When we were little, she made ALL of our clothes. She could work magic with fabric. Check it out!

That's my Mom (holding me) and my aunt. Can you believe how young she looks? She's 22. And she made her own dress.

My dad is STILL a horrible dresser (So my stepmom dresses him). Looking at this picture, my Mom really should have been doing that. I love this picture, though, because it is vintage "Gil".

As you can see, my love for animals went way back. And I'm holding the puppy exactly the way I teach young children NOT to hold it now. Check out the groovy pants Mom made me. So creative!

Easter. That's my baby brother, Drew. I love this picture for three reasons. First, the matching outfits Mom made us. Second, the expression on my face (can you tell I already dipped significantly into the Easter basket??). Third, the expression on Drew's face. It's classic dopey Drew. I say that with all the love a big sister has for her younger brother - the one she wanted to be a sister, the one who let her dress him up as a girl and played tea parties. And if you could see Drew today, you'd be shocked that I got a dress on him when he was four.

What about you - did you inherit your creativity? Do you have fun flashback poetry?

Have a GREAT weekend!!


  1. I'm not sure I inherited my creativity, if you could call occasional ideas creativity! I could share the poem that my mum *still* has hanging on the dining room wall that got printed in a school newsletter when I was a kiddie. I, uh, disposed of my mopey teen poetry recently. It was only four or five (badly rhyming) poems about the seasons and two boys; too pathetic for words!

  2. I can see how you won the prize with that poem, Jennie:)

    And those photos are ADORABLENESS. You were so cute. And I can't believe that's your 22 year old aunt. She looks 14!

    Yeah, I think I inherited creativity as well, considering my grandmum and mum all loved writing.
    I have bits of poetry that go back to the time I was 6! I started writing WITH poetry.

  3. You were cute! And no, I'm the only creative one in my family.

  4. omg! I love these pix!!! I have one like you with the puppy only it's me w/a kitten. I was squeezing the crap out of that kitten, man... :D As for your questions, I was shot down on poetry in college and gave it up. But I do think I inherited my writing. My great grandmom apparently wrote... Never met her~ :o) <3

  5. I love these old photos! Never get tired of looking at them.

    I was never much of a poet (think "roses are red, violets are blue" and you've got an idea of what I used to churn out) but I do enjoy reading poetry, as long as it's other people's.

    You, on the other hand, are a very talented poet!

  6. What an absolutely fantastic post! I'm in love with your moms fashions. Did she keep her dresses in a cedar chest or something? Because of course you need to borrow all of them. :)

  7. These are great pics. I think all of us fellow Gen-Xers have photos like this. I do think something was lost btw Generation X and the former generation. Like knowing how to sew your own dress at 22 yrs old? I wish I learned how to do that.

    As for Generation born in the late 80s and 90s, if they can't text it or facebook it then it's not real.

  8. I love looking at old photos. Thanks for sharing, Jenn. Your groovy outfit just gave me an idea for a Halloween costume. :D

  9. Cute! I love going back in time... and those frilly pants are awesome!