Friday, September 2, 2011

FUN Friday

TGIF! Let's have some fun heading into the weekend.

Have I posted this one before? I can't remember...

This is for all my friends who own mutts. We've all wondered what exactly is in our dog. Well, the hubster doesn't. He only cares that Lily is a "good dog." It's always fun walking her - "Hey, is that a Weimeraner" (Um, never) "She's one of those blue pits, isn't she?" (Um, waaaaay too big by about 30 pounds) "She's a Lab, what?" (Well, she does have webbed feet so maybe but her ears aren't long enough and she's lazy) "Is she a mastiff?" (Definitely some of that in there) Maybe some day I'll get the test. But I don't know how accurate they are...
Dog DNA - watch more funny videos

This isn't funny. Zombies rarely are. But I am SO excited for Season 2!

Hide under the cars? WHAT? Um, NO.

Pre-school again this week. I had a four year old say, "Nice tail!" and when I turned around, he had Cooper's tail in his hands. We had just gone over where you can and can't touch a dog you are meeting for the first time, but I was so relieved that he wasn't talking about my tush that I let the teacher go over it with him again.

On Tuesday, a school booked us that 98% Chinese. They spoke Mandarin and I always enjoy listening to my presentation being translated into another language! In my very last class, I had one child named Jordan. His blonde hair and blue eyes stood out from his classmates. When everyone was seated, he became the spokesperson for the class.

"Hi, my name is Jordan and these," he says as he gestures all the way around himself, "are my friends."

"Wow, Jordan. You have a lot of friends."

"I do. They are all really nice. This is Sung. And that's Ying Ying. And this is Jun. And Chueng. Quon. Mei..."

The teacher had to interrupt him or he would have introduced me to all 23 of his classmates. It was so adorable!

I'm spending the weekend deep in rewrites - I have my post-it notes (color coded depending on character, plot, etc.) at the ready and my favorite pen! I'll mix in some great hour long workouts to get the blood flowing and brain pumping along with a lot of caffeine. That's my weekend! Broken up with a fun time on Saturday night with my Crit Girls!

What about you - what are your big weekend plans?


  1. So cute about Jordan trying to introduce his whole class! My 'big' plans are to read more of my sadly small (four books) TBR pile and maybe brainstorm some novel ideas with the help of Mr James Scott Bell. Good luck with rewrites!

  2. Mutts are always the best! Besides, purebreds come with some strange, inbred habits sometimes.
    Looking forward to the next season of Walking Dead. Funny you mentioned zombies today as I'm hosting one. Really!

  3. omg! LOL at that little kid behind the couch! So pitiful... until he's released. "Now, get my car and the ambulance..." *snort* :D

    LOVE the little guy w/all his friends. Kids are too cute~ :o) <3

  4. I would love someone to tell me I had a nice tail. Well, maybe not a four year old or a random stranger. Loved the doggy DNA video!

  5. Great videos! That kid stuck behind the sofa was hilarious!

  6. Oh, that little guy...he's a thinker, he is. "I'm shrinking..." And to admit he threw the ambulance and police car back there, well, that was a moment of weakness. I wonder if he'll do it again?

  7. LOL on the doggy DNA. I wanted to do that to my dog but after having him for a few months, he started to show some very strong border collie traits and he has a golden retriever coat so I'm pretty sure he's just a mix of those two.

    PS: I'm award you a blog award on my blog.

  8. Hey Jennie! :)
    I know, long time...too long. I've been crazy busy. And it sure sounds like you and Lily have been too.
    Aww, Jordan, he's a little gentleman.
    And that little boy in the first video? Hehe!

    I hope the upcoming season of Walking Dead will be good...I know they've had some writer/director issues.

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend, and that you put those color-coded post-it notes to good use. :)