Monday, May 16, 2011

Laughter Is the Best Medicine Blogfest

Welcome to any newcomers! And for my regular blog checkin' in peeps, today is the Laughter is the Best Medicine Blogfest hosted by Lydia Kang of The Word is My Oyster and Leigh T. Moore of That's Write! Be sure to click on the LITBM link to check out the other entries.

My day job is a Humane Education teacher. I have a non-profit (co-founded with one of my friends) called Paws and Learn. We go into the schools throughout Los Angeles and give FREE presentations educating kids on a variety of topics (Dog Safety, Kindness to Animals, City Wildlife, Pet Needs, Truth About Pit Bulls, etc.). I love my job because it varies day to day. And kids are completely unpredictable. They keep you on your toes. I love to have quick comebacks and always try to stay one step ahead of them.

I was teaching 3rd Graders City Wildlife a few months ago. We learn about all the cool animals and insects that live in their backyards/neighborhoods. We learn what their special jobs are (usually involves what they eat) and why they are so important to have around. I have really cool props that the kids love (owl pellet, rattlesnake tail, beautiful posters).

I held up our Owl Board. We discussed that owls have great night vision, they can carry two to three times their body weight...

Me: Who knows what owls eat?
Girl: Mice.
Me: Right. What else?
Boy: Rats.
Me: Rats, mice...what else do they eat?
Another boy: Leprechauns.
Me: Nope. They're not fast enough to catch Leprechauns.
Same boy: But you said they fly up to 40 miles per hour.
Me: They do! But Leprechauns move faster. (pause) And they can disappear. (pause) Because they have magic.
Same boy: And a pot of gold!
Me: That too.
Same boy: So the owl can grab that!
Girl: No. They can't carry a pot of gold.
Same boy: YES. They CAN. She said they carry two to three times their body weight.
Boy's Friend: Duh. Weren't you listening?

It's nice when your friends get your back. Especially when you're trying to debate whether or not an owl can in fact carry off a Leprechaun's Pot O'Gold.

How can I not love what I do?


  1. OHHH I love this one! I remember when you originally posted it! haha. Made me laugh just as much the second time. Owls totally eat leprechauns! Laughing babies rock.


    Your job is pretty awesome.

  2. Haha! That is so cute ;) I love the quirky things kids say. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was one of my favorite kid stories you posted! Still makes me laugh.

    I'd love to be a fly on the wall when you visit those schools. The gems you pick up... :)

  4. Man, I swear you meet the coolest kids, Jennie B.!
    - Sophia.

  5. Hahahaha, that's great. Kids have a magic all their own and I'm so thankful for it. There are days when that's what keeps me going. :))))

  6. I love the things kids say! Too funny

  7. The video was sweet and funny. And kids really have a logic of their own.

  8. Loved the laughing baby and your story. And, I agree with the boys, an owl can carry off a Leprechaun's Pot O'Gold. (I found you as I am doing the blogfest also.)

  9. Aww! LOL! Not only is the video ADORABLE beyond words, but those boys sound so cute, too. :) Thanks for sharing that story. Heehee

    P.S. Your blog is lovely.

  10. That baby's laugh is totally infectious. And hooray for kids that believe in Leprechauns!

    Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  11. Hello new here and HAHAHAHAHA children are such natural comedians no?

    Thanks for sharing such a delightful story!

  12. *snicker* I love that one. Duh! ;)

  13. I love the laughing baby and how imaginative kids are~! They do say the darnedest things~

  14. Lol, love that one Jennie! Great entry for the blogfest :)

  15. Little kids are too funny. Thanks for sharing this. :D

  16. Nice to meet you! Very, very funny! I'm a teacher and know very well the humorous conversations a teacher can hold with her class! Loved it! christy

  17. I love your kid stories! And I love that you love what you do! :)

  18. Kids are awesome, they make me smile all the time. :) Cute entry!


  19. That. Was. Awesome!!! And I love you debating w/the kid about disappearing and pots of gold... BAH!!! :D

    Kids are the best~

    Thanks for playing!

  20. Adorable conversation! Kids do say the darnedest things!

  21. Oh, so adorable! Thanks for sharing. :)