Friday, May 13, 2011

FUN Friday


What is CUTER than a little lamb? I don't think anything is now...

This is by far my fave commercial at the moment:

"So you want a slide in your office?"
"Or monkey bars."

I live in Los Angeles where people suddenly get Lakers fever...It's annoying. Beyond annoying. So I like when they lose. I know, it's mean. But it exposes all those bandwagon fans. I found this humorous. Warning: there is strong language at the end. Okay, one word. Repeated.

I love good comedy writing and Funny or Die has some of the best. I died when he said, "Nothing was working. The towels weren't working. They weren't absorbing my sweat. The Gatorade..."

We're starting the weekend off with a night jog (sans poor Lily who hates to run). Tomorrow, the Hubster works so I have a day of rewriting. Goal is to finish all my edits/rewrites/tweaks by Monday. I want to be querying next week. We'll finish the weekend with a hike. Does anyone watch CSI Los Angeles? We'll be hiking in the park the girl was found at this week. But not for that reason. It's completely dog friendly so everyone hikes their dogs there - off leash (it's allowed).

What about you - any big weekend plans?

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!


  1. That lamb is so cute!

    Hilarious Funny or Die. Oh Kobe.

  2. Fair weather fans! You're either a real fan or you're not.

  3. Jenny - It totally makes me want a lamb! My parents have a horse and a goat - the two are in love and totally inseparable. If the horse is taken out for a stroll, the goat will pace until he returns!

    Alex - Agree 100% When the Chargers were 1-15, my butt was still in the stands cheering them on. I was surrounded by opposing fans, but I sucked it up because that is what a true fan does! Around here, though, they're hanging signs that say "F the Lakers" Really? They've given you how many Championships? Spoiled bratty fans!

  4. Love the lamb. And I live in NC where everyone (except me) is a Tarheel fan. Secretly, I, too, love it when they lose. It's never, ever cause someone is better, lol.

    Wow. Kobe is something, huh?

    Hope your weekend is a great one!

  5. 'We'll be hiking in the park the girl was found at this week.' Ha, classic. I loved that Verizon advert and 'The mamba's gotta be moisturised' sounds so wrong. You link to the awesomest stuff, Jennie B.! Have a great weekend.
    - Sophia.

  6. OMG--LOL!!! That little lamb kept hop hop hopping across the hall!!! :D BAH! *snort*

    Thanks, Jeannie. That made my day. <3