Friday, May 6, 2011

FUN Friday

Let's have some FUN!
This is adorable. I had to share the cuteness!

Now, we're going to move into funny. I'm really enjoying The Sports Show (Norm MacDonald's new show). This skit was particularly fun. I love when sports stars are okay with making fun of themselves.

Norm/Blake: So what time is rehearsal?
DeAndre: You mean practice.

Who isn't a fan of talking dogs?

My nephew (pictured with my Lily) is 5 years old. When he watches a movie, he can get so into it that you can't distract his attention for anything. He was watching The Wizard of Oz and was in his "zone." His grandma got up to go to the bathroom. She had just reached the hallway when Dillon jumped up, raced after her, grabbed her around her knees and brought her to the floor! Then he jumped on her back (picture a 5 year old squatting surfer style) and refused to let her up. While my brother and sister-in-law raced to help, my husband stifled his laughter and I glanced up at the TV screen to see...


It's funny what possesses kids sometimes.

It's supposed to be cooler here so I'm looking forward to getting a hike and a bike ride in this weekend, interspersed with Paws and Learn business. Possibly a trip to the local nursery to start that Herb Garden!

What about you - any fun plans this weekend?

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!


  1. I may have died from cuteness overload. So tiny!

    I hope Norm's new show does well. I enjoyed him back when he was on SNL.

    I'm so glad it's Friday. Supposed to be a beautiful day up in here in MA, though I'll be at work. Mar.

    Have a great weekend Jennie!

  2. I saw the Blake spoof on TV and just showed my wife the dog video last night. (Spooky, huh?) I'll show her the kitten one. I predict she'll say "Ohhhhhhhh!"
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Cute kitty- poor thing was just trying to sleep ;p Ha, man, that's funny about your nephew. Little Monster doesn't get that much into them- although if she is, she'll ignore you until you turn it off ;p

  4. Loving the story about Dillon. That's the kind of reader involvement all writers should strive for. If you aren't making small children tackle their grandparents out of fear for their lives you aren't trying hard enough! My weekend plans are to *read*. I have been slacking this week since I'm in the middle of a long book and that is just lame and must be amended.
    - Sophia.

  5. Nicely done!

    Weekend plans? Spend time with friends and spend time with family - - the "what" doesn't matter to me as much as the "who" - - :)

  6. Sounds like you're having fun! When you get time, stop by my Friday post and pick up your award!

  7. The talking dog just slayed me! And LOL about your nephew and the flying monkeys... poor Grandma!

    Nothing much going on this weekend. Hoping to see Water for Elephants and catch up on some reading. Happy weekend, Jennie!

  8. The cat and dog videos I've seen and love them. I have to check out the spoof.

    I would love to have seen your nephew do a flying monkey leap and tackle his grandmother, I hope she's alright!

    Plans? Write!!!

  9. omg, that kitteh is the CUTEST THING EVER!! And watch out, nephew! LOL!!! This weekend has been nutso for me, but I'm relaxing now.

    Hope yours was great. ((hugs))