Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trapped in the Shadows

I am leaving my character backed deep into the shadow of a peak tonight. Something is tracking her. She will need to make her way somehow across the meadow without it catching up. She has a few tricks up her sleeve that just may help her. I'm not sure yet. It's up to me whether she makes it safely or not. While this is a scary place for her to spend the night, lurking in the shadows and hoping to avoid detection, it's an exciting place for me to leave off and resume in the morning. I made some notes so I have ideas for tomorrow. It's fun to think that I have a plan, but don't necessarily have to follow it. I can explore other options once my fingers start clicking across the keys! I am her biggest fan and her worst enemy. We'll see which comes across the clearest in the morning!


  1. Sometimes I get so caught up in what's going on in my writing I hate to stop, but a stopping point must eventually come. The beauty of writing is being able to have that power of controlling your created worlds and characters. It's like being a kid again and playing except that the play becomes more serious and goal oriented.

    Arlee Bird
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  2. I came over after reading your comment on my blog. And I clicked follow but for some reason my follower icon and my comment icon are for my two different blogs. No matter how I try I can't fix it on this computer!! Aargh! Anyway, nice blog!

  3. Jennie, I just read your comment about the jealousy factor and the nasty blogger and I had to say that was one of my favorite comments on this subject. It made me LOL. You hit it right on.

    Thanks again!