Thursday, April 8, 2010

April Challenge Week Two

My adorable little nephew had his tonsils removed this week. This is a picture of him enjoying a popsicle after he woke up. He's been through a lot in his first four years - two surgeries to put tubes in his ears (we didn't know he wasn't hearing a word we were saying until he was almost a year old), adnoids out (they've grown back), tonsils out. He's such a happy guy, though. So bright and charming. I just love him to pieces. This has absolutely nothing to do with my April writing challenge, but I love him and love this picture and wanted to share. I couldn't find a way to make it metaphorical so I just threw it up there. Now on to the challenge...
I had a bad first week. I started strong with two very productive days that netted me over 3,000 words. Then I fell flat on my face. I start to get that mental itch when I am away from my story for too long. I've had it for three days now. As soon as this blog entry is written, I'm going straight back to it. I set a modest goal of 6,000 words this week, which I think I can accomplish. I have written two outlines for this story. I will now need a third at some point. In the middle of my last chapter, an arrow came out nowhere and a new threat was introduced. Just like that! My characters were walking along, all proud of themselves after cracking a riddle and retrieving the first item on their list when out of nowhere - Jenna was forced to run and Eirick was trying to figure out how to protect her. It was all very exciting even for Jenna. Thrilling when you don't know what the threat is and whether you're going to make it out alive. Scary when you're writing it, didn't see it coming and have to ask NOW WHAT? Who are these people and what is with that arrow? It changed the story direction entirely, but not in a bad way. So once again, I have veered off the path. This time I went racing off into the dense underbrush, vaulted over a fallen tree and landed in old, gigantic fern. I can hardly wait to see where I will go from here! Laini Taylor warned that you don't really know where you are going with your story until you're IN it. You think you know, but you don't. She was right! It's scary, but fun. Like a roller coaster that you have never been on before. The wind is in your hair, you're plunging toward the bottom, your stomach is up in your throat and you aren't sure if you take another second of dropping! Then you level out, but before you can catch your breath, you turn hard left, then race up into a loop! This writing is an adventure.

Happy writing everyone! Welcome to April! What's your goal for the week? Month?

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