Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishes

This is Wednesday leaning out of her cat tree. She may look like just your average gray tabby cat, but she has many skills. Most of these skills, she uses for The Good. Okay, 'most' might be a slight exaggeration. Wednesday is a good little kitty, though, at heart. She loves her family, loves her sisters, loves annoying those sisters and she also loves to grant wishes. Every Wednesday morning, I will rub the side of the cat house and summon our magic cat!

Today, and every Wednesday to follow except next week (which she asked to have off), she will be granting Three Wishes. Choose your weekly wishes wisely (say that one five times fast without tripping over your own tongue and she will grant you a magical fourth wish)!

Here are my wishes for the week:

1) A body pillow. This one came to me in the middle of the night last night. It may seem like a wasted wish to you, but not to me! I am currently using two pillows in the place of one long one and it's extremely annoying having to roll over and take TWO with me each time. You have to spend the time arranging them, which takes precious minutes out of the sleep night. One long pillow that I could roll over with me in my sleep would be fantabulous!

2) More Katniss. If you haven't read The Hunger Games (where have you been!?!), you won't understand this one. Luckily, I only just finished book one. Tomorrow I will be picking up Catching The Fire so my wish will be granted, but only temporarily. Until August when Mockingjay comes out. But I just want more, more, more. Thank you, Nutschell, for introducing me to this trilogy!

3) I eat whatever I want on vacaton and don't gain a pound. Shouldn't vacation food be calorie free? I really think that should be the rule of God (or the gods, depensing on your belief). Eat what you want, however much of it you want and you won't have any movement on the scale! Except maybe down. That would be acceptable after vacation. But I will settle for no upward movement on that scale.

I made one practical wish, one dreamy wish and one magical wish (because surely not gaining a pound while stuffing your face would truly be magical). What are your wishes for the next week? Are they more exciting than mine? Do share! Wednesday will grant them if she likes them!


  1. I'm loving this... I'm so joining in on the fun! What a fun cat you have!!!

    Practical Wish: To revise half of my story
    Dreamy wish: To live in Peloria
    Magical wish: To catch falling stars for some very special stardust

    So two of mine were outlandish since they can only happen in my current novel but nonetheless they are my wishes and I love them. Guess I have Getting to Peloria on the brain because it's the one I want revised!

  2. Oh a magical cat to grant wishes on Wednesdays! Here are mine:

    1. Definitely going with the eat what I want and don't gain weight. No, I already do that. I want to eat what I want and LOSE weight. Like about 60 lbs. Please please please Wednesday? (Dreamy)

    2. For my husband to get a job. (This is the practical one.)

    3. To get on Oprah & wear my red shoes (Magical)

  3. I'm glad you finally finished the Hunger Games. Have you pre-ordered Mockingjay from Amazon? It's cheaper I think, and you get it the day it comes out in the stores.

  4. Awww that's a cute kitty :)

    Ok let's see...

    practical wish: that I make the 5k challenge me and my writer friends are doing today.
    dreamy wish: that I get an agent before 2010 is over
    magic wish: that I can live in a hobbit hole.

  5. And by "me and my writer friends" I of course really meant "my writer friends and I." (lol, I am a dork)

  6. My practical wish is:
    I wish that my basment would be restored to its prior state by the end of next week...

    My dreamy wish is:
    I wish I would hear something from the seven publishing houses I submitted to almost 6 weeks ago...

    My magical wish is:
    I wish the pounds would melt off every time I work out!

    Thanks...I'll be waiting for my results! Do I have to say anything special and turn around three times?

    Thanks for putting Jackee's and my Random blog party on your sidebar. :)