Monday, July 19, 2010

Journals Are a Girlz Best Friend

"You got to keep 'em separated." - Offspring

Sage advice, my friends. Keep those ideas, that writing, separated. A writer could get lost in that journal otherwise. This is my current collection of journals - one for each story I am working on.

The blue/green recycled one is full of notes, riddles, conversations between characters and chapter bits for my completed manuscript. It smells like the forest - crisp, clean, pine. Okay, not really, but I imagine that it does as I open the pages.

The beige toned one with the flower on it is filled with the first chapter of Bright Shiny Idea #1. The magic in this is not yet contained so you have to be careful when opening it. You might get zapped like the poor, unsuspecting cat that is now a cockroach. Yeah, not a fair trade at all. Poor thing. I promise that I will make her right, though. She's not the main character so I won't be getting in her way quite as much.

The brown recycled cardboard with the flowers on it is Bright Shiny Idea #2 notes - it's a dystopian YA book in the making so I figured the recycled paper and journal were appropriate given the end of their world is coming. Poor kids.

The Book of Kells is an idea that is actually seven years old. I started it, but never went far with it. Every time I crack it open, I fall in love with the main character and her storyline all over again. I will eventually pick it back up. This one has potential as a graphic novel and a summer blockbuster. Intrigued? So am I.

I can't write everything down in one journal or I would never be able to keep things straight. I have trouble enough leafing back through the pages of one to find little gems hidden within them that I have jotted down for future use. I can't imagine trying to sift through four stories for things! This makes it easier, plus what is more fun than a colorful journal? The pages just call out to me! They're portable and I can carry them anywhere I go so the minute inspiration strikes - I can answer the call.

How many journals do you currently have? Do you have a favorite?


  1. I have one journal that gets everything dumped in it. Really. Freewriting, random description, character ideas, memories to transfer to Word. I finished my previous journal/notebook a month or two ago and went through it starring/underlining things to type up and then didn't. I should really get on that... I like the idea of keeping seperate notebooks but I can barely convince myself to carry the one.

    I like your recycled notebook, it looks nice and unintimidating but I also like the shiny, fancy one. My current notebook is fancy but I am laughably past the intimidation stage. My 'must get this down fast' handwriting is all over that bad boy!
    - Sophia.

  2. I love journals! You can never have too many! I currently have 6, however I only have one that's written in everday and only one other I use and it's because I'm working on keeping a notebook for one of my main characters and her travels, what she learns along the way, etc.