Monday, March 29, 2010

Tick Tock

Where does the time go? I mean, really! I remember when I was a kid, it would seem that time would drag soooooo slow. I would overhear adults in the family reminiscing about years past and they would always say, "Time flies." I would think to myself, "NO, it doesn't! It is taking FOREVER for summer to get here!" Even college seemed somewhat sheltered. Now that I think about it, those first few years out of college weren't that quick either. But NOW? Now, I get what my mother was talking about. It's 2010 already. Remember when we were all scared as we hesitantly rang in 2000? Just like that an entire decade has passed us by. Days pass, weeks pass, we're almost to April. Somebody please slow down that clock. Or teach me how to manage my time better. I am up much later than I should be trying to get some writing done. I do my best work when the house is quiet. The cats are asleep on various pieces of furniture in the living room with me. Lily is snoring on her dog bed in what looks like a very uncomfortable position. My husband went to bed hours ago. This is my 'me' time when I can get a lot accomplished, a chapter written, a new path explored. As I get older, though, I can't go on small amounts of sleep. By the time I get into bed, fall asleep and get my 8 hours, most of the morning will be gone tomorrow. I have things planned for most of the day into the evening again. I will be up late writing tomorrow night as well. It's a vicious cycle I get caught up in. Weekends are far too distracting. There is hiking to do, a husband to feed (multiple times - like pets, husbands need several feedings a day), shows to watch, a house to clean, naps to take. Before I know it, it is Sunday night and I have gotten little done in the way of writing. The house is clean, but that doesn't finish my W.I.P. My characters are calling out to me, but I must ignore them and crawl into bed for the evening hoping that I can make tomorrow much more productive. Balance is hard as you get into the real, adult world. I am still struggling to find it. For now, though, I feel like my clock looks more like the clock in the picture.

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