Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Procrastination Queen

There is nothing better as a writer than finding that story that so captures you that it is all you can think about. When you are away from it, it calls to you. The characters speak to you in your head suggesting scenes, plot lines, urging you back to the computer. Even so, when I sit down at the computer, I find myself online. From one website to the next and suddenly I have lost two or three hours. Sometimes half a day! Cursed internet - the bane of my existence!

Having an actual job, though it doesn't pay me, should make me manage my time better. I teach a few days a week for half a day. On my days "off" during the week, I have to update our facebook page and take care of things for the nonprofit. I need to walk the dog at least once a day. Then there is the story. If I make it most of the day without sitting down for at least a few hours to work on it, I begin to stress out. There is plenty of time to get to my writing if I only manage my time better.

Right now, I am updating my blog having gotten to a point in my outline where my story took a sudden turn I wasn't expecting. I had no idea those darned stones would disappear and didn't see the wolves awaiting my characters arrival. Sigh. The wolves they can handle. I don't know where those darned stones went, though.

So now I'm going to try to be good with my procrastination. Instead of surfing the internet, I'll update my blog. Then I'll go exercise myself (because walking MY dog is not exercise - she stops and sniffs entirely too much), shower and see if I have the stones. They are terribly important to the story so I must discover them somewhere, somehow. When I'm done with the showering, if they haven't appeared, I'll likely eat lunch and go to the grocery store. Perhaps, the answer will be hidden behind a box of spice cake mix or in the vegetarian section behind the fake meat! Wherever they are, I need to find them because my self imposed deadline of finishing this outline is rapidly approaching (midnight tonight - yipes!).

Wish me luck. And if you see those black, polished stones that you can strike together to create flame, drop me a line and let me know where they are. I'll pass it along to my characters so they can retrieve them.

(NOTE: The picture has nothing to do with the blog entry, but my dog is so beautiful that I can hardly ever resist a chance to show her off.)

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