Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Wishes

This is Wednesday leaning out of her cat tree. She may look like just your average gray tabby cat, but she has many skills. Most of these skills, she uses for The Good. Okay, 'most' might be a slight exaggeration. Wednesday is a good little kitty, though, at heart. She loves her family, loves her sisters, loves annoying those sisters and she also loves to grant wishes. Every Wednesday morning, I will rub the side of the cat house and summon our magic cat!

I want to say that Wednesday went three for three on my wishes last week.  She was VERY generous!  Let's hope she is in a wish granting mood this week as well...

My Wednesday Wishes for the week:

1)  Lily - She's got ANOTHER skin infection.  When we adopted her, we knew we were getting allergies, but this dog has been over and beyond. I swear we could have a vacation home in Hawaii - not a down payment on one, but have actually paid in cash for the house if we didn't have her.  She's worth it, but it's been an expensive lesson.  Next dog will be a few years older so we know we are avoiding all these health issues!  My wish is that the vet will come up with an antibiotic that will work better this time so that she gets more than four days relief inbetween infections! 

2) The Hubster's Bday - I can't keep secrets from him. This has been incredibly hard, but I've somehow managed to keep everyone silent.  Saturday night I have a surprise party planned.  I reserved a few lanes at the bowling alley so it will be hours of pizza, beer and bowling.  Oh, and ice cream cake.  He works so hard so that I can do what I love - Paws and Learn and my writing.  He deserves the best birthday ever.  I just want it to be a great night for him.  For everyone!  And if it doesn't, I have the ice cream cake to make it all better.

3)  Christmas in July - Our entries go up today!  Mine will be here on Michelle's blog.  I'm wishing hard for requests!  I can hardly wait to find that agent - the one who loves my book and my characters as much as I do, who believes in it and wants to rep it!  So I'm rubbing Wednesday's little buddha belly and wishing harder than I did when I blew out the candles on my childhood birthday cakes!

What about you - what are your wishes for our magical kitty?


  1. Hope the party goes well for your husband - and he IS surprised. Sorry about Lily. Poor pup.

  2. My wish for this Wednesday is that all your wishes come true, Jennie. Because I really don't know what I did before I met you!

    Hope Lily gets better and Happy Birthday to Erik! And sending you massively good vibes that you get a ton of requests!

  3. Poor Lily--I hope she's better soon. And happy b'day hubs! You + me on #3. Give her a good big rub for us both~ :o) <3

  4. Aww, poor Lily. I hope your husband has a great birthday, and is suitably surprised. I hope you get lots and lots of requests, too!

  5. Is Lily better? How was Erik's surprise party! Wish I could've gone. I was so looking forward to it.