Friday, March 9, 2012

FUN Friday

The weekend is here!  I'm limping into thankful to see Friday roll around this week.  What about you?

I'm throwing a wrench in my usual Fridays.  Instead of videos, we're going to do pictures today.  These have made me giggle over the past few months.

But I'm starting with my mom...because she's amazing.  The woman isn't just the best Mom ever, she's now the most amazing Grandma ever.  And at 62, she got her first TATTOO!  I don't even have ink.  My brothers don't have ink!  Our mom?  Has ink. 

I just think it's hilarious that she gets her first 'tat' and it's religious. 

My goal is to have a little something for everyone below. 

And I leave you with my personal favorite -

I'm super excited for John Carter tomorrow night with the Hubster! 

What about you - any big weekend plans?


  1. That's right, Ninjas are in and out before you know it!
    Seeing John Carter tonight. Can't wait.

  2. Hahaha, that wine one made me laugh out loud! SO true. :) And always be Batman--words to live by. :) Your mom is so cool!

  3. Thanks to you, I'm going to see The Raven on Monday with a (hopefully) new friend, whee! I didn't realise it was out so soon. I didn't realise all the awesome movies I inevitably heard of from you were coming out now/soon, actually.

  4. Ahahaha loved those! I'm headed to see This is War.

  5. Love that your mom has a tat!!! :)

    Those are hilarious - your/you're and ninjas & Batman - all awesome!! :)

    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. I love your mom's tat! She's very brave.

    How was John Carter? I'm hearing so many good things about that movie!

  7. Haha, those pics were going around fb- love those! And awesome for your mom!! Now it's your turn! How about one like Colene's on her leg? Hmmmm? ;p Hope you enjoyed the movie- I'll probably wait for it to come out on dvd.

  8. HAHA! My husband is looking at me like I'm crazy because I am just cracking up!! Also I just got my first tattoo over the weekend and I am having an extreme whimpfest about how sore it is, hopefully your mom is tougher than me!