Friday, February 24, 2012


I decided to put a twist on the usual FUN Fridays. Still fun, but FREAKY.

I admit to my John Cusack obsession that dates back to Better Off Dead. I will see any movie with him in it. This one is no exception. Looks slightly FREAKY!

My brother couldn't play this game when he was home his twenties...I'll admit anything that scares Drew makes me a big fan. I can be an evil big sister. He slipped and fell into my grandparents dining room table on Thanksgiving when he was eight. Four hours and twenty some stitches later, we recommenced our celebration. When Grandma got a new dining room table, I swooped in to grab her old one. Because Drew was living with me at the time. Imagine his horror when he walked in the front door to see it perched in our kitchen (cue evil maniacal laughter). Priceless. But I digress...Resident Evil.

Is it bad that the scariest part of this trailer (for me) happens toward the end?

When the sea rises and the boat gets bowled over...I have managed to avoid cruises all these years because of my fear of being lost at sea. And what an odd fear! Not even sure where it came from. But this looks to be my kind of thriller. Has anyone read the book? I'm just not sure I can add another zombie film to my list this year, but I may have to.

I know I've posted this trailer, but I have to do it again! Because I can never watch it enough. I must see it. They had me with the title but sealed it with Tim Burton.


I taught Dog Safety this week at school where it seemed that every child was sick and had a snotty nose. When I show them the picture of the dog sleeping, I always ask for a "brave helper" to help drive the point home. The child comes up, offers their name and we proceed.

Me: What's your name, sweetie?
Boy: Angel.
Me: Now, Angel wouldn't really pet a dog that's sleeping. We're just doing this for pretend. (to Angel) Cooper is going to take a nap. When I nod my head, you reach out and pet him and we'll see what can happen when you pet a dog that is sleeping. But first, he has to fall asleep.

I turn Cooper onto his back and make snoring noises, which always gets the kids giggling. Then, I nod my head at Angel. He reaches out to pet Cooper. The second he touches the dog, I flip him back over and he barks at Angel.

Who then laughs so hard... He blows a chunk of snot onto my shirt.

Which makes the class laugh harder, but me want to vomit.

Which is my worst fear.

I'm in the middle of a panic attack when the teacher swoops in with a tissue for Angel and an antibacterial wipe for my shirt. God love her. But I still had three more classes and I swear I could feel the germs oozing into my skin (germaphobic much?).

That was on Tuesday.

On Thursday, I was sitting in the hallway between classes when that Kinder class filed out of their classroom on the way to the library. They stopped to gather around me and ask questions ("Ms. Jennifer, what are you reading?" "Ms. Jennifer why are you out here?" "Ms. Jennifer, you come to our class today?"). A little girl's voice rises above the other questions.

Ms. Jennifer, remember when you scared Angel?

Ooooh, I will NEVER forget it. Believe me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Anyone have any big weekend plans?


  1. Haha, I would freak out, too, if that happened. I'm not good with the gross stuff. And I don't think I can see that Edgar Allen Poe movie, even though I love John Cusack and Poe's stories--waaaay too scary for me. :)

  2. ew, that would totally gross me out, and I work at an animal hospital with poop and puke and you name it. I'll take animal germs over people's, thanks!

  3. Too funny! My students like to 'high five' the little ones when we pass in the hall. I've warned them about snotty nose season, but they always forget!

    The trailer for the Raven looks incredible!

  4. The Raven looks like it's going to be amazing. Love the atmosphere and the mystery, and I can tell that ballroom scene is going to be totally inspiring; I loves me some threatening mask-clad ballroom scenes (e.g. Labyrinth, Sweeney Todd). And World War Z, I'm going to have to check that out. I don't think I've actually seen that many zombie films, though I've liked all the ones I've seen.