Friday, August 13, 2010

SuPeRsTiTiOuS FUN Friday

Are you superstitious? Does Friday the 13th wig you out? Bad luck? Well, turn that luck around RIGHT HERE! Fridays mean FUN, even when they have the dreaded 1-3 in them, and what's more FUN than an End of Summer Giveaway?!?!

Books, Candy, Bubble gum, Lip Smackers are up for grab! I'm even throwing in this adorable tote that can definitely seg into Fall.



Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
impossible by Nancy Werlin


Gobstoppers! and Whoppers! and Starburst! and Red Vines! and BubbleYum!


Because who doesn't like to feel like a kid again sometimes!?! In my favorite flavors - Cotton Candy and Watermelon.

So How do you WIN? Easy follow these rules:

1. Follow Me (Lily and I promise to keep you entertained!)

2. Sidebar Me (If you do that sort of thing!)

3. Comment

4. You know how I love love love creativity! How about the first line of your current project? If you don't want to share, feel free to give us your favorite line from your favorite book (share with us what the title is along with the author) or feel free to use a one-liner that you've always wanted to use but never had the chance! It's all about FUN!


Tweet Me, Facebook Me, Blog Me (Optional, but brownie points are a bonus!)

So there you have it!!! Comment below telling me the love you gave me along with your email address and I'll announce the LUCKY winner on
Friday, August 20th!


  1. OMG I so wanna win!!!!! Your package is so awesome... and anyone will tell you that I'm addicted to fabulous totes! I love them... but the candy too, and the books!!! Oh and the *takes a deep breath* I love it!!!! I'm so excited!

    Obviously I'm one of your fantastic followers, of course you're on my sidebar, commenting as we speak... my one line... okay two lines are -

    I wanted to murder Stacy Finnegan. I gave her the biggest death glare I could muster, it didn't make a difference, that ice princess wasn’t phased.

    Tweeting, facing and blogging all on the list. I hope those earn me some awesome brownie points! Expect the blog post tomorrow ;)

  2. OOO! Awesome giveaway!

    I follow you and I commented so, points for me.
    The first line of my WIP is....

    "I killed my mom the day I was born."


  3. Well hello!!! Free stuff and it's Friday the 13th. Lucky 13!!! I'm a new follower. Yay me!! And I'll twitter & FB. The first sentence in my YA paranormal is: When I asked death to come calling, I didn't think I'd have to carry her to my room.
    Great prizes Jennie!!!

  4. What an awesome give away! That tote is adorable and lip smackers are amazing! I have yet to find a better type of chapstick that tastes as good!

    I'll blog about you at:

    And here's the first line from my current work-in-progress: In 1968, Andy Warhol was quoted as saying, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes,” and I know that quote to be true.

  5. Wow! This giveaway is full of temptation. Totally the best kind. I'm a new follower thanks to Jen from unedited. Your contest has a reserved seating on my sidebar at Http://

    Not working on anything at the moment. However, the current book I'm reviewing called Dragon Creed by: Susie Hawes had this little gem: "I hummed to the woodchuck, but he refused my marriage proposal. The slut!" A dragon disguised as an elf proposing to a woodchuck while intoxicated. It sure has its moments. :)

  6. Ooh, this is wicked cool!
    I have Just Listen, but I SO want Impossible and the Lip smackers and the tote and the candies..ooh, it's all so delectable :D
    Obviously, now I've joined your horde of followers and you're on my sidebar and my WiP?

    "Every time I try to run away someone or the other brings me back home."


  7. Also, my sidebar's here:

  8. I love everyone's first lines! These are great. Thanks for participating everyone! Andrea, I'm going to have to check out Dragon Creed. That sounds right up my genre!

  9. Just stopped by to see what kind of people I was dealing with. I hoped I didn't know anyone so I could fight to the death and win this awesome prize pack, instead I love everyone but still secretly hoping to pull the win!

  10. Wow, your blog looks fun and what an awesome giveaway.

    Here's the first few lines of my WIP:

    I picked the wallet up out of a crater-sized pothole and shook the mud off. Its owner was already halfway down the block. He looked tame enough - leather jacket, faded jeans, dark hair that played freeze tag with the wind.

    come visit my blog:

  11. I have a winner and will announce later today! Our main computer crashed last night so I'm on my laptop which overheats every ten minutes. Sorry for the delay...coming soon!!